Mini Dumper SF2680S

Item No.: SF2680S
Mini Dumper with 6F+2R, Hydraulic Tipping, Hydraulic Lifting Height 1500mm and 800kg Load Capacity

1.      equipped with a hydraulic lifting frame which enables you to transport materials to Max 1500mm-high platforms or containers easily and efficiently.

2.       6F+2R transmission along with high/ low gear lever

3.       equipped with Loncin Motor with 389cc, 13HP, powerful enough for 800kg

4.       hydraulic tipping with 90°to save time and labor

5.       safety lock equipped in the handle

6.       sensitive skid steer and wear-resistant tracks to save cost

7.       ideal for carrying bricks, sand, stones, minerals, wood, crops, fruits, fodder, etc.

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