Flail Mower SG0814L

Item No.: SG0814L
Adjustable, time-saving, labor-saving flail mowers with wide range of applications
Model :SG0814L Mower

1.       equipped with 48 free-moving blades that will give in rather than break when hitting solid obstacles to save the blades costs.

2.       mowering width 860mm to get the job done with less effort and less time.

3.       adjustable stubble height from 20mm to 150mm

4.       adjustable handle height for different users and horizontal adjustment in case of overhead obstacles.

5.       3F+1R transmission for different speeds, universal front wheels with lock and unlock lever for different directions.

6.       max climbing angle 20°enables you to tackle uneven terrain.

7.       powerful gasoline engine with 13HP, 420cc, just Pull to start or electric start!

8.       sensitive slip steering and wear-resistant tracks to save cost

Engine                        Gasoline
Net Weight                   145kg
Power                          13HP
Displacement               420cc
Transmission               3Forward & 1Reverse
Brake Parking              Mechanical
Forwarder speed           0-2.5kn/h
Reverse speed             0-0.8km/h

Mowing specifications
Cutting Width              860mm
Cutting Height             200-1500mm
Blade Quantity            46 pieces
Efficiency                    2500m²/hour
Dimension                  1870*990*1300mm

wheelbase                   980mm
Front Tread                 680mm
Rear Tread                  550mm
Front tire                      8"
Rear Tire                     16*6.5-8

Weight                           245kgs(1PCS)
Dimension                     1730*1090*770mm  (1PCS)
                                      1730*1090*1900mm (3PCS)
20GP                             12PCS
40GP                             39PCS
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